Unlock Your Metabolic Potential With PNOĒ

Welcome to the future of metabolic analysis – PNOĒ. Revolutionize the way you understand and optimize your body’s metabolism with this cutting-edge system. Whether you are an athlete aiming for peak performance or someone on a journey to improve overall health, PNOĒ provides unparalleled insights into your metabolic profile.

What is PNOĒ?

PNOE is a state-of-the-art system designed for comprehensive metabolic analysis. It leverages the power of breath analysis to unveil the unique characteristics of your metabolism. By measuring respiratory gasses, PNOE provides real-time data on how your body utilizes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide during rest and physical activity. 


These measurements have been used in the past to tailor training for athletes, but they are just as valuable to non-athletes looking for insights into their metabolic health. All of your body’s most important processes rely on oxygen. Breath analysis via PNOĒ determines how efficiently your cells are using oxygen, allowing you to adapt your diet and fitness strategies to your specific metabolic rates.

What to Expect During Your PNOĒ Testing

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Resting Metabolic Rate

Your provider will first test your resting metabolic rate. You will be fitted with the PNOĒ device, which is similar to an oxygen mask. Then, you will be asked to lie down on an exam table or other surface for ten minutes while you breathe normally into the mask. This test provides data on your oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide conversion rate.

Active Metabolic Rate

Next, you will have your active metabolic rate analyzed. Wearing the PNOĒ mask, you will be asked to warm up on a stationary bike, treadmill, or other cardiovascular exercise equipment. Your provider will guide you through the exercises, ramping them up until you feel you can no longer continue. This test determines your overall aerobic fitness and the heart rate at which you burn the most calories.

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Tailored Fitness and Nutrition Recommendations

Using the data collected from your testing, PNOĒ presents you with a detailed analysis of key areas of your cardiorespiratory health as well as recommendations for diet and fitness strategies. Your report will contain the following information:

  • Biological Age: PNOĒ will tell you what it believes your actual biological age is versus your chronological age. This may be older or younger than you are expecting, or it could be right on the mark. Incredibly, the system will also estimate how long you are likely to live based on your current metabolic health.
  • Metabolism & Cells: this part of your report will tell you how fast or slow your metabolism is and determine the efficiency with which your cells burn fats and carbohydrates at rest and during exercise. Based on this information, you will be given a daily calorie goal and also advised of any comorbid health risks, such as a risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • Fat Burn & Recovery: you will also receive an analysis of how well your cells utilize oxygen and clear fatigue metabolites during exercise. This will determine the correct number of macronutrients that should be consumed when exercising.
  • Heart & Lungs: your PNOĒ results will give you a summary of your overall heart and lung health. This will be used to further tailor your exercise and diet routines.
  • Brain & Posture: you will even gain insights into your cognitive function, for which appropriate oxygen uptake is essential. Brain health is also integral in avoiding posture-related injuries, such as neck and low back pain. 

Who Can Benefit from PNOĒ Analysis?

Anyone can benefit from PNOĒ analysis! Our bodies are unique, and the PNOĒ system takes this into account by offering us insights we simply could not get without a personalized breath analysis. Even if you feel you are fit and healthy, you may not be training optimally, eating at the right times for your body, or consuming the right nutrients to boost your oxygen absorption. PNOĒ helps you maximize your health journey, tracking your progress and adapting to you support your changing goals.